La(s) Retórica(s) de la masculinidad / THE RHETORIC(S) OF MASCULINITY – Call to papers

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Departamento de literatura inglesa y norteamericana - Universidad de Sevilla

THE RHETORIC(S) OF MASCULINITY // La(s) Retórica(s) de la masculinidad

Seville, 2nd-4th March 2000


Within feminist criticism the "masculine" has begun to lose its universal and aprioristic status to be assumed as a social construction. After some decades of prolific research on gender, basically focused upon the analysis of female images, we are witnessing a growing concern about different cultural manifestations of male subjectivity. It is precisely within the field of representation that we would like to redefine those patterns of identity/identification that, so far--being the "unmarked" terms--have hardly been discussed from a critical perspective. Papers on any of the following topics will be welcomed:

  • Masculinity and ethnicity.
  • Masculinity and violence.
  • Masculinity and transvestism.
  • Masculinity and homosexuality.
  • Masculinity and psychoanalysis.
  • Masculinity and legal discourse.
  • Masculinity and artistic representation.
  • Masculinity and political models.
  • Masculinity and the media.
  • Masculinity and parenthood.
  • The male body.

Proposals (500-words abstract in either English or Spanish) should be sent before September 27th 1999 to:

Carolina Sánchez-Palencia (
Juan Carlos Hidalgo (
Departamento de Literatura Inglesa y Norteamericana
Universidad de Sevilla
C/. Palos de la Frontera, s/n
E-41004 Sevilla, Spain
Fax: 954551552


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